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Submersible Pump
HFP70 | HFP80 | HDU55 | HDU60

Terrain Loader

At Hoppt, we look at providing the whole spectrum of light construction equipment to meet the needs of demanding industry. That’s why we have an additional range of equipment which would be a perfect add-ons to all construction sites, offering great versatility and convenience.

Hoppt offers a wide range of utility equipment such as the terrain loader; which can be used for transportation of equipment, materials and personnel, to the submersible pump; which is commonly seen at most sites for removing huge volume of water from point to point, as well as reinforcement-bar bender and cutter.

With a single point for all your construction equipment, it also allow great ease in maintenance and servicing. Hoppt’s team of engineers and sales support team aims to help all our business clients with their problems and we will seek to provide the best solutions.