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Hoppt have a full range of surface grinder to cater to your every needs. From single-disc grinder to a double-disc grinder, from electric motor models to petrol-driven, there is bound to be one grinder that fits your needs. Our disc grinders have a solid reputation in industrial as well as decorative flooring markets. The grinders are used for production grind and floor cleaning, it is the choice equipment for ground preparations.

Petrol driven single blade grinder

No electrical points for your grinder? Fret not, with the petrol driven HSG-SP, the single blade grinder will help you fulfil your surface pre-treatment needs without the limitations of a power outlet.

Features and Benefits

  • Honda GX V 160 provides higher horsepower for quicker grinding
  • Added mobility without the restriction to power sockets
  • Throttle control located conveniently on the handle
  • Lifting hook for easy transportation
  • Easy access to the blades, making blade changing and maintenance easy

Double disc surface grinder

The dual blade HSG-DE is a workhorse when it comes to grinding rough surfaces, with the huge grinding area, large areas can be grinded effectively and efficiently.

Features and Benefits

  • Electric motor ensures lowest possible noise emissions
  • Easy to use switch located conveniently on the handle
  • Dual blade options to achieve the fastest possible grind
  • Large collection of blades to choose from, ensuring a blade for every surface
  • Carrying handles make it easy to transport the grinder