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Hoppt walk-behind saws are designed for trusted durability, easy operation and cutting performance. Whether cutting concrete or asphalt, the reinforced steel box frame adds the strength necessary to reduce vibration while sawing. All Hoppt’s Concrete cutters come with a durable plastic water tank with increase durability and eliminate the problem of rusting.

High in portability and productivity

Hoppt’s most portable concrete cutter, lightweight and small in size, the HCC12 is extremely portable. The HCC12 ideal for light maintenance jobs as it is highly mobile and it can be operated with ease.

Features and Benefits

  • New ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort during operation
  • Blades are lowered using the rotatable handle
  • Large water tank for its size, ensuring maximum time on work, least time on topping up of water
  • Central lifting hook for easy transportation
  • Depth cutter lock, to ensure that the same cutting depth can be maintained
  • Conveniently located spanners, to ensure that the blades can be changed quickly

Ensuring a quick cut every time

Hoppts lightweight cutter the HCC14 fitted with a higher horsepower engine, giving you a faster cut while retaining the portability.

Features and Benefits

  • Fitted with a higher horsepower Honda GX270, allows a faster cut on the work site
  • New ergonomically designed handle to ensure ease of comfort during use
  • Handle rotation operated blade, giving you precise cutting depth control
  • Depth meter located conveniently on the side of the cutter, ensuring the precise depth for the cut you need
  • V-belt cover to protect the pulley from splash and debris
  • Fuel-efficient engine allows longer operation with a lower cost


Hoppt’s lightweight high performance cutter, the HCC14A comes is highly manoeuvrable, making it the perfect companion for space constrained work sites.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 engines options: Honda or Robin 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Hand lever style lowering, give you the control on the cutting depth
  • A larger water tank then most cutter of its size, giving you more cutting time with lesser refills
  • Throttle control located conveniently on the handle

Versatile cutter for all occasions

The HCC 16 is the mid-weight workhorse of Hoppt’s concrete cutters, making it a very versatile cutter for all sorts of work requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • High horsepower Honda engines produces a quicker cut, ensuring that jobs are completed quicker
  • Lifting eye allows the HCC16 to be transported with ease
  • Ergonomically designed handle to improve comfort during operation
  • Handle located on the front of the cutter to allow easier turning of the cutter
  • Thumb screw fastened blade cover to allow quicker access to the blades

Heavy duty cutter

The heavy duty HCC20 is equipped with a quick and deep cutting mechanism that is designed to cut through the thickest concrete that your jobs will require you of. Making it a choice tool for heavy duty cutting on a variety of concrete types.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Honda engine drives the blades through the thick concrete
  • Blade depth is locked via a knob, ensuring that the depth of cut is maintained throughout the job
  • Lifting hook to enable easy transportation of this heavy machine
  • Cutting depth is controlled by a rotatable handle, ensuring the most precise cut possible
  • Flexibility in blade choice gives you additional option in concrete cutting
  • Choose between a semi-automatic or fully manual drive, giving you the freedom of choice

Hoppt’s all new and powerful cutter

The new and improved HCC 20A is extremely compact and highly maneuverable, while giving you the deep cut of the larger models.

Features and Benefits

  • The high horsepower engine is encased within a protective frame, ensuring maximum durability
  • New and improved control panel interface, giving you an easy to use interface
  • A storage box is located at the rear of the cutter to provide convenient access to work drawings
  • Digital tachometer installed on the panel
  • Durable polycarbonate engine cover to protect the engine from debris and splash, prolonging its lifespan
  • Tilt able water tank providing convenient access to the engine for refuelling or maintenance
  • Carrying hook integrated into the design enabling easy transportation of the cutter