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Concrete Cutter
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Concrete Scarifier

Surface Grinder

Hoppt has been instrumental in designing equipment that seeks to help contractors around the world in the constant improving the quality of work especially in the area of repair and light construction segment all across the world.

Using Hoppt’s range of cutting and grinding equipment ensure the safest and most secure construction no matter how challenging the job is. Hoppt offers a complete line up of lightweight to heavy workhorses walk behind road cutters, grinders and scarifiers for various industrial application.

Hoppt continuously seek to provide the best equipment for the concrete and asphalt cutting with a wide range of components and accessories for the perfect cut. With the wide range of selection, there is bound to have something to meet you need.

Taking into considerations the various safety aspects when dealing with road cutting and surface preparation, the end users is what we really think of when we designed our equipment. With minimized vibrations, to ease in maneuvering, to accessible tools, Hoppt’s range of cutter allow any user to single handedly operate the equipment with great ease and product great results.