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The Hoppt Concrete screed enable professional to go any way they want and still achieve the same finishing on any concrete flooring. They are light, yet robust and easy to handle. Hoppt guarantee maximum reliability and high productivity.


The Hoppt HCS43 offers user a quick and handy solution for concrete screeding. Fitted with the Honda GX25, the HCS43 gives you a smooth and even finish on the concrete without the need while making it less labour intensive making it an extremely portable and handy tool to have on the work site.

Features and Benefits

  • Fitted with the lightweight Honda GX25 engine that is durable
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage
  • Maximum reliability and productivity
  • Easy to use and comes with various screed length options


The HCS55 is a quick and versatile concrete screed for use for floor finishing and adjusting operations. The design of the HCS55 allows for even and uniform distribution of concrete over the entire blade length thus allowing for better concrete compaction. The unique geometric shape of the float allows it to be used as both a float and curl edge, when screeding from the top of forms.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable Honda GX35 engine
  • Various L-type and Box-type blade for the user to chose from
  • One piece aluminium design for easy clean up
  • Light weight of 14kg for easy transportation and handline
  • Easy access handlebar with trottle control and vibration reduction handle for long operations and less fatigue of the user