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Economical performer, providing the best compaction for its value

The mid range forward plate compactor of Hoppt’s fleet comes with the option of a water tank, allowing it to be used on a larger variety of surfaces including asphalt. Built for durability, the CPT70P ensures hours of trouble-free top performance compaction.

Features and Benefits

  • 2 engine options: Honda or Robin 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Foldable handle bar helps to improve maneuverability
  • Carrying handles are located on the side for manual lifting
  • Central lifting hook for easy transportation
  • Optional water tank allows for compaction on asphalt surfaces
The best balance in mobility and performance

Initially designed for solely soil surfaces, the CPT80P now comes with the water tank option allow the CPT80P to provide the excellent compaction on both soil and asphalt surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy weight and durable design to ensure reliability under all working conditions
  • Water tank option allows the CPT80P to be used for asphalt compaction
  • The large iron base plate not only increases the compacted area, but it also ensures stability
  • Lifting hook, carrying handles and roller wheels included for ease of transportation
  • Lifelong lubricated bearings for extended service life