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Soil compaction is defined as the method of mechanically increasing density of soil, in construction, this is the most important and significant part in the whole building process.

Every soil has its unique characteristics and behaves differently with respect to maximum density and optimum moisture thus each type of soil have its own unique requirements when it comes to compaction.

There are 5 reasons to compact soil:
• To increase load-bearing capacity
• To prevents soil settlement and frost damage
• To provide stability
• To reduce water seepage, swelling and contraction
• To reduce settling of soil

Hoppt offers a wide range of compaction equipment for all possible applications, weight class, and standards.

Directly from the frontline from the site users are is where Hoppt derived its design and development of equipment from. Hoppt offer a complete range of equipment ranging from forward plate compactors, vibratory rollers, tamping rammers and reversible compactors to cover all your compaction needs.

Hoppt’s R&D team seeks to work with all our partners in producing the most durable, safe, environmental friendly and user friendly equipment. Constantly getting feedback from our business partners and equipment users is what fuel Hoppt to consistently seek for improvement and innovation in all our equipment.