Hoppt Website Translation
Hoppt is Singapore's first and only manufacturer of light construction equipment. Founded in 1975 as a mould base manufacturer, and building on the highest industrial standards and precision, Hoppt has expanded to what it is now, a brand that is globally respected and recognized for its reliability and quality.



Our strength lies in the manufacturing expertise we have acquired over the 35 years in business. At Hoppt, we have our own manufacturing facilities enabling us to have total control over the manufacturing processes ensuring the consistency of our products, delivering to our customers - “Quality you can trust”.

Quality cannot be achieved without the presence of a dedicated and highly trained workforce. At Hoppt, we undertake continuous efforts to train our people, ensuring that they are always equipped with the best industrial knowledge and the relevant skills to excel in what they do. We believe that our people are our business and we do our best to ensure our people are at their best.

Apart from continuously improving our people, constant research and development efforts are placed on our products as well. Using valuable feedback from our broad customer base, we are always improving on our range of products, creating new and exciting products to match the ever-changing needs of our customers, ensuring that we are always kept relevant in the industry.

Building a brand on the beliefs and qualities, Hoppt has spread its name to over 90 countries worldwide, represented by partners and agents in major markets in the world. And this global network is something we pride ourselves in and we are continuously looking to expand.

Founded in 1975, Hoppt started off in the business of machining before moving on to become a small manufacturer of mould bases and its components. Over time, Hoppt has grown into reputable manufacturer for a wide range of light construction equipment. Hoppt has its network established worldwide with business partners in over 90 countries.

From repairing of concrete vibrators to manufacturing our first equipment in 1978, it made us the first and only manufacturer of construction equipment from Singapore. Understanding the equipment and the problems faced by the users is what fuel the new designs and the improvements on our equipment. Hoppt seeks to provide innovative solutions to all our customers and that is why you will be seeing new products from us all the time.

Hoppt is also the first mould base and construction equipment manufacturer in Singapore to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification.